About Us

At Roost, we believe a smart home shouldn't break the bank. We believe it should be accessible to everyone. And, we believe the best solutions are simple solutions. With that in mind, we created the Roost Smart Battery: 

  • Simple. Simple to set-up. Simple to install. Simple to use. The Roost Smart Battery turns existing smoke alarms into connected smart devices in just minutes. Just download our app on your smartphone, connect to your home Wi-Fi and change a 9V battery. No hubs, no wires and no hired contractors required. 
  • Affordable. Because we’re retrofitting, Roost is more affordable than the alternate connected smoke alarms. 
  • Accessible. More than 350 Million homes have smoke alarms in the US and over 20% of those have non-working smoke alarms due to missing or dead batteries. We can help solve this! Our retrofit approach and pricing makes a smart home accessible to anyone with a smoke alarm, Wi-Fi and a smartphone. 
  • Peace of Mind. With Roost you’ll receive emergency alerts – even when you are away from home. You’ll be notified if something is wrong. Being connected to your home? That’s peace of mind.